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Le Sud en ville Who we are ?

First and foremost we provide vacation rentals for your holidays or business trips to the South of France.

We also provide an authentic and original way to combine the pleasures and the life-style of the South ( sunshine, nature, relaxation, outdoor markets) with the quality of life and the comfort that the city has to offer (services, activities, shows, culture, patrimony and of course meeting people).

But "Le Sud en Ville" offers much more than just accommodations in an urban environment, even if we are very committed to the quality of the environment, its charm and the comfort of the site. "Le Sud en Ville" means above all a made to order reception from the moment you arrive and during your entire stay.

The pluses of "Le Sud en Ville"...


SARL Le Sud en Ville • 26, Rue Antoine Champroux • 30900 NIMES • Tel. •

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